Audiometric Booths

Testing rooms for audiology

Modular booths designed for audiometric testing by audiologists

Traditional testing rooms for audiology can be costly and time ineffective.

Our Audiometric Booths are custom tailored to your specific needs. With flexible sizes, wheelchair accessible furnishings, fast lead times, and market leading acoustic panelling, we can provide the best service for your clinic at a third of the cost of traditional testing rooms. We have worked with some of the top audiology clinics in the past with great success.


The benefits

Save time: Our Audiometric Booths can be assembled in approximately 3 hours. Our installation team can fully assemble any of our custom size.

Save money: Constructing traditional hearing test rooms can be costly and are unsustainable. Audiometric Booths are around a third of the price and are made from premium, eco-friendly materials.

Save clients: Audiometric Booths are easily accessible for every client and can come with wheelchair modified furniture. The Booths have been designed with high visibility to reduce stress of users.

Give your medicalstaff and client thespace they need.

The use of audiometric booths proved to be a cost-effective and efficient solution for the new audiology clinic. The booths enable clinics to start providing quality hearing care services immediately, without the need for a dedicated soundproof room. The audiometric booths also provide a welcoming and quiet environment for the testing, resulting in a more comfortable experience and accurate hearing test results. The investment in audiometric booths was an important factor in the success of the clinic, allowing the owners to focus on providing quality hearing care services to their patients.