Tuesday: OG

Your quiet space for undisturbed phone calls and deep work

Remove distractions in your office with Tuesday

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Tuesday Booth

Quiet ventilation

High speed for refreshing airflow


Made with natural, recyclable materials
Energy-efficient and reusable

LED lighting

Daytime LED
Dimmable, Directional Strip Light
Automatic motion sensor 

Work Desk

Designed ergonomically for working on a laptop


1x Universal Powerpoint,
1x AU Powerpoint
2x USB Ports


Sound insulating and durable


Delivery and installation takes 4-6 weeks

Our Tuesday pod is your private space for calls and focused work. 

Improved office productivity packaged in less than 1 m2.


Less congested 

meeting rooms.


More productive than open plan

Save money

Pods provide a flexible addition alongside meeting rooms. 

The best part - our pods are portable so will move with you to your next tenancy, saving you money on creating new meeting rooms with partition walls and supporting power and services.

Save time

Need soundproof space in a hurry? Our pods are

delivered flat-packed and

self-assembled within 30


They are plug-and-play ready via a standard power point.

Sit inside Now

Click on the image to feel what it is like inside our Tuesday booth with a 360 degree virtual tour

Our soundproof office pods assemble in 30 minutes, fit anywhere in your office, and can be taken with you when you move.



1100W x 900D x 2200H (mm)


246 kg

Air flow

1 x 4.8 W fan 120 m/hr (33L/s)


16 w 3000k CRI95+LED


>30 dB (speech privacy level - ISO 2351-1 testing method)

Your quiet space for undisturbed phone

calls and deep work.