Meeting Rooms for Warehouses and Heritage Space

Meeting Rooms for Warehouses and Heritage Space


From hallways to high rises, from deserts to CBDs, modular pods are a great way to enhance open plan offices into highly functional workspaces.



60 stories above the hustle and bustle of Martin Place sits one of the leading financial firms. Assembled in just three hours, Bureau was able to quickly add private space to their office. Each Booth comes ready with a simple plug and play system. To use each of the features from simply plug the Booth into a standard socket and play away.



Bureau travels kilometres south of Darwin, deep into the Australian desert a listed mining company, who required a cost-effective solution to improve their workspaces. Traditional meetings rooms require large amounts of construction, are not eco-friendly, costly, and cannot be transported. Bureau Booths are roughly a third of the cost of traditional meeting rooms, can be easily transported to different offices, and are made from premium sustainable materials.




Our designer Booths can be highly customised to suit any office space. ordered specialty Bureau Booths that included custom colour and cut panels to suit their existing fit out. Bureau seamlessly blended into their open plan office and gave their team multiple spaces for collaboration and solo work.



Our Booths were utilised by a market leading audiology clinic as part of their standard shop fit outs to conduct initial hearing tests. With double glazed windows and acoustic PET panelling Bureau Booths are designed to be seen but not heard. The acoustic nature of the Booths reduces all outside noise to a whisper, allowing you to conduct zoom calls or team meetings without being disturbed or disturbing others.





Multi-purpose Booths 

Our team at Bureau is highly experienced at providing Booths for any purpose, ranging from warehouses to heritage listed spaces to government offices. Inquire now at for a conversation about how Bureau can benefit your office space or find out more at

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