Bureau Booths at Design Show Australia 

Bureau Booths at Design Show Australia 

We are thrilled to share the exciting experience Bureau Booths had at Design Show Australia, where we had the amazing opportunity to connect with industry professionals and interior design enthusiasts. We've included rare stills of our team in action and the fantastic environment that was Design Show Australia.





Meaningful Conversations that Ignite Inspiration: Design Show Australia provided us with a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with individuals who share a passion for design. From discussing the challenges faced in modern office spaces to exploring innovative solutions, these interactions sparked inspiration and deepened our understanding of the evolving needs of workplaces. The valuable insights gained from these conversations will undoubtedly influence our future designs and ensure that our booths continue to meet the ever-changing demands of office environments.





    Building Connections and Collaboration: Design Show Australia acted as a hub for industry professionals, allowing us to build connections and foster collaboration. We had the privilege of meeting talented designers, architects, and like-minded individuals who shared their own experiences and insights.These connections have the potential to spark future partnerships and collaborations, leading to even more innovative design solutions for the benefit of office spaces nationwide. Exploring the design show gave us many points of inspiration, with stalls being created to showcase brand strengths. 



    Fostering Informed Customer Decisions: Our team had the wonderful opportunity to have 1 on 1 conversations with interested parties, and practically demonstrate the solutions Bureau Booths provides. We even had some people taking calls in our booths to escape background noise! 

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