5 ways to make your workspace… YOURS!

5 ways to make your workspace… YOURS!

Our working environment dictates our mood, mental health, productivity, and ultimately our potential. It’s imperative businesses invest in optimizing their environment to unlock the full potential of employees whilst also adding design elements and features to suit your employees lifestyles and preferences. Think about your workspace right now. For most, you’re probably working from home in light of COVID-19. Ask yourself, does your current workspace foster a sense of belonging? A sense of uniqueness? Most importantly, a sense of you? Most spaces consist of a desk, a computer, and a bunch of paperwork scattered in an open space crawling with distractions diverting you from…your full potential. But there’s a solution.


With endless interior design opportunities to tap into, the world (your workspace) literally is your oyster… your very own. From simply adding some plants to your environment to completely redesigning the workspace itself, there’s something for you to enhance your working environment, and your lifestyle.


  1. Plants: Studies show that indoor plants have an indirect psychological effect on task performance, health, and stress levels. An absolute asset to any working space!
    1. Photos: Photos are a great way to foster your sense of self. Whether it be a photo of a beach, your family, or a passion, there a great source of motivation and a driver of creativity in a place that needs it most.
      1. Art, art, and art: Discovering art such as paintings and relaxed imagery enables your mind to fully relax and release drivers that contribute to high levels of stress. With 40% of workers reporting their job as very or extremely stressful in a recent AIS report, a simple painting becomes more than a painting, but a beacon health and wellbeing.
        1. Candles: With scents being linked to increased alertness and a reduction in errors, candles are a great way to tailor your working space to improve productivity, enhance your mood, and reduce stress.

        1. Amenities: Enhancing your employees wellbeing through the little things goes a long way. From providing free hot coffee to a hot shower with end of trip facilities your employees will be happy, looked after and ready to smash the day. Some Bureau go-to's are Brimful and Urban Brew

            Contemporary problems require contemporary solutions. Explore our fully customizable range of booths to truly make your working space yours… invest in your individualism, invest in your full potential.

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