End of Life Program

Squaring the circle

Here at Bureau Booths, sustainability isn't just a checkbox – it's a part of our DNA and something we continue to innovate and improve on every day.


To this end, we designed our booths to be as easily movable and re-usable as possible with screw-less construction and magnetic attachments.

Now we're taking this one step further, we’re on a mission to ensure no booth goes into landfill, and every booth’s life is lived to its fullest before it is recycled. Today, we're excited to share the latest chapter of this journey with you – our End-of-Life Program.

How Does Our End-of-Life Program Work?

Imagine a world in which every time you moved house, your bed was either left for the next owner or thrown into landfill. This is exactly what we do every day with offices and meeting rooms. It's wasteful, it's expensive and it's time consuming. 

We're changing that today. With modular booths that can be refreshed, repurposed and, eventually, recycled. Explore the features of our End-of-Life Program, designed to weave this vision into reality:

Recyclable Materials

Crafted from recyclable and recycled materials, our booths aren't just about reducing environmental impact; the components that make up each booth are designed for easy disassembly, actively contributing to an efficient recycling process and ensuring a purposeful and sustainable afterlife.

Bureau Marketplace

Bureau Booths offers a refurbishment service, recognising the value in extending the product life cycle. This option allows customers to recycle old booth parts for alternative use, resale, or to enjoy a revamped design with the latest upgrades through our refresh option.

Refresh Program

Ready for the feel of a brand new booth at a fraction of the cost? We now offer clients the opportunity to breathe new life into their booths by refurbishing worn-out parts or refreshing existing models with the latest upgrades – the choice is yours.

Booth Movement Services

Relocating office spaces? Our booth movement service is here to help. We guarantee a seamless transition, giving you one less thing to worry about whilst guaranteeing the preservation of your investment. 

Dismantle and Recycle

For those booths reaching the end of their journey, we can take over from here. Our team will efficiently dismantle the booths and manage the entire recycling process, ensuring we adhere to the highest environmental standards. 

Regardless of where you are on your Bureau Booths journey, our team is eager to guide you through the possibilities. Let's create a sustainable future together.


Have a question?

For further details on our End-of-Life Program or to explore the available options, contact our customer service team today.