Case Study: Enhancing Audiology Services at Amplifon with Bureau Booths

December 18, 2023

Amplifon has been a beacon of innovation in hearing care for over 70 years, continually advancing to provide clients with personalised, high-quality solutions. Their commitment to world-class service has made them leaders in the field, always searching for ways to enhance the client experience. This pursuit led them to collaborate with Bureau, utilising our state-of-the-art Audiometric Booths to elevate their service capabilities even further.


Amplifon's dedication to personalising patient care meant they needed more than just standard solutions—they needed custom-designed environments that aligned with their high standards of service and care. Bureau’s response was a series of bespoke Audiometric Booths, each designed to meet the unique demands of hearing assessments while reflecting the sophistication and client-focused ethos of Amplifon.

Features of Bureau’s Custom Audiometric Booths:

  • Flexibility and Customisation: Adaptable to any space, our booths were integrated into Amplifon's clinics with designs that complement their existing aesthetics and workflow, providing seamless functionality.

  • Enhanced Acoustic Performance: Constructed with top-tier soundproofing materials, the booths ensure precise, disturbance-free hearing assessments, crucial for accurate diagnostics.

  • Rapid Installation and Cost Efficiency: The booths’ modular design allows for quick assembly, minimising downtime and disruption. This efficiency, coupled with cost savings compared to traditional builds, makes our booths an optimal choice.

Amplifying Patient Care

With Bureau Booths, Amplifon has enhanced its ability to offer confidential and comfortable testing environments. These spaces are crucial not only for effective testing but also for ensuring that every client feels valued and respected throughout their visit. The booths' superior design also means that Amplifon can incorporate the latest technological advancements in hearing care, maintaining their commitment to innovation.

Empowering Results

The integration of Bureau Booths into Amplifon clinics has led to measurable improvements:

  • Client Satisfaction: Enhanced privacy and comfort during tests have elevated the client experience, reinforcing trust and satisfaction.

  • Operational Efficiency: The ease of installation and use of the booths allows clinic staff to focus more on client care and less on logistical challenges.

  • Sustainability: Built with eco-friendly materials, the booths align with Amplifon's commitment to environmental responsibility.

This collaboration between Bureau and Amplifon exemplifies how tailored design solutions can transform medical practices, improving both the client experience and operational efficiencies. Our Audiometric Booths provide a private, professional environment that supports Amplifon's goal of delivering exceptional hearing care.

For clinics looking to enhance their facilities with innovative, client-focused solutions, Bureau offers customised designs that push the boundaries of what is possible in medical and audiometric spaces. Discover more about our offerings and how we can help elevate your service delivery today.