Deep in The Desert with BHP: The Hardest Install We've Ever Done

February 23, 2024

Our team is here to go the extra mile... and then a few hundred after that (literally).

Located 900 km from Adelaide, South Australia, the most remote part of the most remote state in the most remote inhabited continent in the world. This site plays a crucial role in resource extraction for mining powerhouse BHP.

We knew installing booths here would be a challenge! The spaces in which their employees worked were standard (ugly, hot and noisy) modular offices and lacked the necessary infrastructure to create private meeting rooms. 

Given the competition for good staff and efficiency, there was a demand for high quality spaces leading to focused discussions and work.

We went the distance, not just figuratively but literally providing a tailored solution, flying our team of skilled installers via a mini plane to assemble Bureau Booths on-site. The installers stayed on-site for several days, assembling the booths within the existing modular offices.

Our booths arrive flat packed to any office location allowing us to assemble in any environment regardless of accessibility. Additionally, modular booths allow us to create meeting rooms in spaces lacking construction capabilities or permissions, such as heritage buildings, remote locations, or space tight offices.

At Bureau Booths, we take pride in breaking barriers, and elevating corporate environments. The BHP case study isn't just a narrative; it's an illustration of our unwavering dedication to making every corporate space exceptional and a testament to our ability to turn challenges into triumphs.