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  • Where can I see the Booth?

    We currently have showrooms across Australia in locations: Adelaide CBD Perth CBD Sydney CBD Melbourne CBD Brisbane CBD If you would like to view the booths please inquire here at: to find our locations.
  • Do you offer international shipping?

    We are passionate about optimising workspaces and providing noise reduction solutions worldwide. We are happy to accommodate booths to any location. To inquire about our booths please contact us here at
  • How does delivery and assembly work?

    To provide the best client experience we manage the delivery, installation, and electrical certification process. We have a global network of installation providers ready to assemble booths as required. Our booths are delivered flat-packed and can be installed in any office environment in approximately 3 hours. A timelapse of an installation is available here. For any further inquires please feel free to contact us at
  • Just how acoustic are your acoustic Booths?

    Our booths provide approximately 32 decibels of sound reduction (per ISO 23351-1) which approximately takes normal talking volume down to a whisper, perfect for office environments. If further acoustics are required, our booths can be customised with extra sound proofing for special cases such as podcasting.
  • Are the booths ventilated?

    Our booths have over 4x the required ventilation of a traditional office. The ultra-quiet fans cycle the entire air volume of the of the booth in under 3 minutes, optimising the air flow of the booths.
  • Do the booths come furnished?

    Our booths are fully customisable to suit any work environment and fit your brand and interior design. We have a variety of furnishing options and configurations to choose from and fit your use case. To find out more about the customisable furnishings inquire here at
  • Are the soundproof phone booths portable?

    Our booths have been designed to be easily reconfigured for transportation to new offices. Our installation teams can be contacted to transport our booths to different levels or locations.
  • How many pods do I need?

    Although it depends on your situation a general estimation is that for every 10 people in your team, 2 small booths or 1 large booth work best. Each booths has a sizing recommendation to the max amount of people it can fit. Below are the recommendations • Small: 1 person • Medium: 1-2 people • Large: 1-4 people • Extra large: 1-6 people. For large offices a mixture of booths is recommended to account for individual and group work needs.
  • How long will assembly take?

    For assembly our professional installation team are fully able to assemble the booths at any location. The process takes approximately 3 hours to complete.
  • Do you offer a warranty?

    A 5 year structural warranty is included with the purchase of our booths. To view the warranty please click here. For any further inquires please feel free to contact us at
  • Do you offer repairs?

    Our booths are designed with premium materials such as aluminium frame, tempered double glazed windows and carbon polymer acoustic panels that are built to last. If a part of the pod were to become damaged our installation team can replace any part of the booth.
  • How does the Booth connect to power?

    Plug and play connectivity making the booth seamlessly operable with internal lighting, power and ventilation. Our booths are connected via a standard AC wall socket for ease of use. For any further inquires please feel free to contact us at
  • What is the power consumption?

    The booths have a fixed power rate. Below are the specifications for each booth: Small: 10.8W  6W LED 4.8W integrated fan Medium: 15.6W 9.6W LED 4.8W integrated fan Large: 30.4W 16W LED 14.4 integrated fan Extra Large: 30.4W 16W LED 14.4 integrated fan