Five Benefits of Working in a Bureau Booth

Bureau booths were born out of frustrations. Vexations that most of us have faced in the commercial workplace.

Working in a Bureau booth offers solutions to these common annoyances, including these five benefits:

1.       Claim a zone of focus

2.       Secure a private space

3.       Guilt-free calling

4.       Your meetings won’t disturb the office

5.       Office noise won’t interrupt your meeting


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Claim a zone of focus

Offices can be chaotic.

You are all on the same team, but everyone still has their own projects, deadlines, and priorities. The simple act of the whole company ‘going about the day’ can lead to a hectic, noise-filled space. Amid all that activity, it can be hard to focus.

A Bureau booth provides a secluded zone perfect for focusing. The soundproof acoustic booths offer the perfect, quiet environment to work. This makes a Bureau booth ideal for coding, writing, or any other task that needs concentration, no matter what’s happening in the office.


Secure a private space

Smaller offices, those with open-plan layouts, and workplaces without dedicated meeting rooms all share a common problem: privacy. Having a confidential conversation or reviewing privileged information can be a real challenge.

Having a secure, private space to be when you need it is critical. That means more than just ‘somewhere with walls’ too. Sound is a major factor when it comes to privacy. A truly private space will distort and reduce sound – which is precisely what a Bureau booth does.

Secure A Private Space1.png


Guilt-free calling

In our evermore connected world, remote communication is increasingly common. Phone calls and video conferences are a standard part of how global business happens. But many workplaces don’t have a designated area for these needs.

Having a dedicated place that’s purpose-built for telecommunications makes things more comfortable for everyone. The person making the call doesn’t feel rude for needing to make noise. The rest of the office isn’t distracted or tempted to eavesdrop.

And unlike the hallways, bathrooms, and parking lots we’ve all had to take a phone call in, a Bureau booth is a comfortable and echo-free option.


Your meetings won’t disturb the office

Research shows that the most productive meetings contain no more than eight people. In fact, five people is often considered the ideal top number beyond which effectiveness begins to erode.

Smaller meetings offer many benefits. It’s easier to get into the guts and stay on topic. Everyone has a chance to speak. Decisions are reached more quickly. Even brainstorming can happen more fluidly.

Fewer attendees doesn’t curb the potential for disturbing those not in the meeting, however. Which makes the large and extra-large size option Bureau booths a perfect solution. With the same soundproofing as the smaller booths, these bigger options are ideal for conducting efficient meetings that don’t bother the rest of the team.


Office noise won’t interrupt your meeting

Meetings are expensive.

Just add up the wages of multiple team members and you can appreciate the cost. That’s why it’s so important to provide a space where a meeting can happen interruption-free.

With a capacity of up to six people, Bureau booths provide teams with the ultimate zone to come together, concentrate, and get stuff done.

If you are ready to realise all the benefits of a Bureau booth, let us help you find the right options for your team.